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The Birth Story

The Growth Room is a space featuring talents who have been endorsed by their colleagues for their outstanding growth at work and are inspiring to the people around them.

Our value is to have equal respect for talents and the authenticity of their journeys.

From talents working in a startup of 10 employees to talents working in the world's greatest giant corporates, our goal is to appreciate and celebrate growth stories, no matter the job title or the company.

Behind The Room

Hi, it's Marcella Risye here :)


My full-time job revolves around end-to-end SEO consultation and optimization in one of the biggest marketing agencies in the world, based in Singapore.​ Previously, I worked in the fintech space for almost 3 years doing all things branding and marketing. In my free time, I like to explore all kinds of workout classes and have coffee chats with new people.

You can also connect with me on other parts of the internet:​ visit my personal website, connect on LinkedIn, read my articles on Medium, or check out my food diary :p


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