Inside The Growth Room of Christina Yip, Product Marketing Lead at Morpheus Labs

Christina Yip is a Product Marketing Lead at Morpheus Labs. Previously the Co-Founder of airVting and an ICO Chief of Marketing at Affyin

Christina Yip, Product Marketing Lead at Morpheus Labs

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1) To kickstart, could you share about your current role, what the company does and a bit about your career background?

I am currently working as a Product Marketing Lead at Morpheus Labs.

Morpheus Labs is a leader in Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS), offering mission-critical tools, infrastructure, various blockchain protocols, and blockchain use case references. The key product – Morpheus Labs SEED offers a multitude of intuitive solutions that enable developers to build effective solutions for various use cases. The Company was accelerated by SGInnovate and they are a member of SGTECH. In addition, Morpheus Labs is featured in the Singapore Blockchain Landscape Map and Tribe Accelerator in Singapore in the Enterprise Solution and Consulting Sector alongside enterprises such as IBM, Oracle, PwC and Microsoft. Morpheus Lab's goal is to become a world-leading blockchain adoption advocate and platform service provider, accelerating the growth of the blockchain industry through equality, inclusivity and simplicity.

Previously, I led and transformed fintech and blockchain companies across Asia since 2015. My past experience includes accelerated growth in startups, ICO structuring, and leading marketing initiatives in various blockchain consultancy firms that worked with more than 200 blockchain projects, including Chainlink, Elrond, EOS, VeChain, NEO, Harmony and Zilliqa.

I am an expert in building effective distribution channels, forming strategic partnerships, and delivering high impact advertising for customer acquisition especially in the blockchain industry. I am also a UK legally trained solicitor!

2) Can you describe what your typical workday looks like?

A typical workday will start with a little planning, either with the team by a scheduled team meeting or a personal agenda plan where all the priorities of different working tasks are listed and evaluated in order of importance and who to connect with for the completion of the task, if any. Then work meetings will usually happen, sometimes back-to-back; many of these are with the co-founders and the marketing team. As the product marketing lead, my job involves bringing new products and branding messages to the target audience. We are a blockchain SaaS platform and that can seem intimidating to a non-blockchain audience, so our job is to make sure the product comes across meaningful yet simple to understand.

3) What does personal growth mean to you?

Learning new areas of skills needed to do a new vertical of work or becoming better at the present scope of responsibilities.

4) Is there a habit you consciously exercise to ensure you achieve your ideal personal growth?

I learn from veterans in the field by asking a lot of questions, and engaging in conversations from respective industry leaders. Then, with the guidance of these experts, I try to apply the knowledge to my work.

5) What does it mean to grow in your career? How do you measure your career growth?

Getting financially compensated while finding joy in the work I deliver. Leadership is very important to me, so finding the right leader who can help you achieve more is a key to growing in your career.

6) Aside from your full-time job, is there anything else you like to do outside work?

I would think of myself as rather boring, outside of work, i sometimes still tend to read on work-related materials.

7) Are there any books, podcasts or apps that have been helpful for your growth?

The recently published book "Step into the Metaverse: How the Immersive Internet Will Unlock a Trillion-Dollar Social Economy" by Mark van Rijmenam is a very useful read for anyone interested in the recent metaverse hype.

8) Any tips you’d like to share for those who are looking to venture into similar roles?

Get interested in the industry and talk to people in the industry to have a better idea of what it is really about. Many times, plenty of jobs look good on the outside, but the real work may not be for everyone, so it is important to find out more and the reason you are in the industry. You can find tons of work that pays well, if this is what you really want, but if you are looking for some purpose in your work, you have to understand the industry better and why you want to be where you are looking for.

9) Finally, what is the one quote you always live by?

Never say never. The world is unpredictable and hard to understand so do not be too quick to judge.


Looking to kickstart your career in the web3 industry ?

Morpheus Labs is looking for blockchain developers! Reach out to Christina on LinkedIn for more information about the role.


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