Inside The Growth Room of Darren Chew, Channel Partnerships Manager at Airwallex

Darren Chew is a Channel Partnerships Manager at Airwallex. Previously part of several high growth FinTech start-ups such as Aspire and Nium

Darren Chew, Channel Partnership Manager at Airwallex

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1) To kickstart, could you share about your current role, what the company does and a bit about your career background?

Founded in Melbourne in 2015, Airwallex is a global payments FinTech unicorn transforming the way businesses move and manage money globally. Airwallex was built with a single purpose in mind – to create a world where all businesses can operate without borders and restrictions, and by doing so, propel the growth of the global digital economy.

As a channel partnerships manager, I’m part of the Singapore SME team, responsible for expanding Airwallex’s partner relationships with the aim of increasing Airwallex’s brand awareness and customer acquisition in the market.

Prior to Airwallex, I was part of several high growth FinTech start-ups such as Aspire and Nium, all with the aim of offering SMEs modern and cost-efficient payment solutions.

2) Can you describe what your typical workday looks like?

As cliche as it may sound, there is no ‘typical workday’ when you’re in a start-up. Everyday is different and to stay productive, I’ve learnt that I need to build some routine around my schedule. Some routines that I follow are to give myself an hour of self-time before starting work and have fixed lunch hours. Routines work differently for everyone, so I hope you find what works for you!

3) What does personal growth mean to you?

It means learning from past experiences and being able to take on bigger challenges in life.

4) Is there a habit you consciously exercise to ensure you achieve your ideal personal growth?

When we encounter challenges at work or in life, we often feel stressed and cloud our judgment with emotions. That stress in our minds prevents us from doing more. For me, I would usually go for a run or swim to relieve these tensions and so far, it has been really effective for me.

5) What does it mean to grow in your career? How do you measure your career growth?

It means building breadth and depth in your line of work.

To measure that, it means becoming good in more than one area and deepening your proficiency in each vertical.

6) Aside from your full-time job, is there anything else you like to do outside work?

I’m an aspiring ironman athlete and I hope to complete a full ironman someday. While covid has sort of put my training plans on hold, I try to incorporate my swim, run, and cycle training sessions around work.

7) Are there any books, podcasts or apps that have been helpful for your growth?

The Spotify app has been the most helpful one for me because of its library of podcasts across thousands of topics. I would listen to podcasts on a selected topic to deepen my understanding and help me with my work. I must say it’s very effective!

8) Any tips you’d like to share for those who are looking to venture into similar roles?

For those who want to explore working in start-ups, go in with an open mind and keep learning. Things are never perfect and that is when you get to learn from failures. Do not be afraid to carve your own path; you’re responsible for your own career growth — so take charge!

9) Finally, what is the one quote you always live by?

“Embrace The Suck”


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