Inside The Growth Room of Margareta Anastasia, Marketing Lead at Hegg

Margareta Anastasia is a Marketing Lead at Hegg. Previously Marketing Communications Executive at Storms

Margareta Anastasia, Marketing Lead at Hegg

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1) To kickstart, could you share about your current role, what the company does and a bit about your career background?

Nice to meet you!

I’m Ana, the Marketing Lead at Hegg, a startup that creates delicious plant-based egg products that support a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle.

I started my career at an award-winning public relations (PR) consultancy named IN.FOM, where I steered regional and local communication campaigns for Fortune Global 500 companies and tech startups in the Asia Pacific region.

As I matured in the industry, I decided to step out of my comfort zone by taking up an in-house marketing communications role at a gaming company named Storms - with very limited gaming knowledge and background (Trust me, two years ago, I had no clue what “hyper-casual games” even meant).

Looking back, it’s heartening to see how far I’ve gone and all the people who have had my back - from my mentors, colleagues-turned-friends, to my partner and parents.

Time passed by, and the question posed by my mentor got me thinking whether I should stay in the gaming industry.

Don’t get me wrong - I find joy in playing mobile games when commuting, networking with bright people in the industry and hearing their thoughts on what’s next. However, being an amateur baker, F&B has always had a special place in my heart.

That’s when I crossed paths with Hegg. The idea of not having to crack chicken eggs one by one whenever I wish to bake cakes intrigued me!

Fast forward, I am now working the job that I’ve longed for!

2) Can you describe what your typical workday looks like?

Every day is a new day for me at Hegg. There are always new things that I discover, learn and experience.

What remains consistent is how I start my day: With morning coffee - served with oat milk in the Hegg office (perks of working at a plant-based egg company haha!).

On certain days, we cook breakfast in the office and have meetings in the pantry. You’ll be surprised to hear what kind of ideas that can come up as we’re enjoying our toasts!

Afternoon till evening is when I’m either meeting up with partners, working on exciting tasks or becoming a ‘food taster’ for Hegg’s new SKUs.

It’s truly fascinating to be able to see how ideas are brought to life in our lab and be part of Hegg’s story!

3) What does personal growth mean to you?

It’s all about becoming better in a personally meaningful way, and you’re the one who gives meanings to what matters to you.

To me, it’s not about climbing up the corporate ladder or earning fancier titles. It’s when your mind and heart mature in harmony as you’re trusted with more responsibilities.

4) Is there a habit you consciously exercise to ensure you achieve your ideal personal growth?

It starts with active listening and seeing things in a holistic manner.

The fastest way to grow as a person is by learning from others who have been exposed to experiences that you have yet to go through, and that starts with an open mind and heart to understand others’ points of view!

5) What does it mean to grow in your career? How do you measure your career growth?

Career growth is unique, so what it means and measuring it depend on your values.

What’s essential is that you must have a clear goal: Where do you see yourself in the future? Does the decision you make today bring you closer to that goal?

Most importantly: Are you happy?

My mentor once said that if I couldn’t see myself feeling fulfilled and happy being in an industry in the next 10 years, I should consider moving on.

That really got me thinking, and I suppose that people often focus on what they want to be instead of understanding why they want to be what they want to be.

6) Aside from your full-time job, is there anything else you like to do outside work?

I love baking and photography. It’s funny because it’s basically what I’m also doing at certain times at Hegg (haha).

7) Are there any books, podcasts or apps that have been helpful for your growth?

It’s hard to choose some, but I’d recommend The Growth Room’s readers to read “What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20” by Tina Seelig.

Here’s my favorite quote from the book: “Failure is a natural part of the learning process. If you aren’t failing sometimes, then you probably aren’t taking enough risks.”

8) Any tips you’d like to share for those who are looking to venture into similar roles?

Be kind to yourself.

Everyone starts somewhere, but what differentiates one from another is one’s humility to learn and run.

It’s natural to make mistakes at times, but you shouldn’t dwell in them too long. Learn from them, and focus on what’s next. At startups, in particular, you should have the courage to step up and collaborate with your team members to achieve common goals.

The company that hires you trusts you, so should you to yourself.

9) Finally, what is the one quote you always live by?

“It takes two hands to clap, and you should be the one who gives your hands to others first.”

That’s what my mentor told me in my early career days. It sounds simple, but it does mean a lot to me.

Being an introvert (yes, you read it right), offering my hands to others first is something that is outside my comfort zone. It’s not easy at first, but as I’ve got used to it, I find joy in connecting with others and I’m amazed to see how far a “hello” has taken me!


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