Inside The Growth Room of Poppy Edwardly, Talent Acquisition Associate at LinkAja

Poppy Edwardly is a Talent Acquisition Associate at LinkAja. Previously Talent Acquisition Intern at OVO and Gojek

Poppy Edwardly, Talent Acquisition Associate at LinkAja

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1) To kickstart, could you share about your current role, what the company does and a bit about your career background?

Currently I am working as a Talent Acquisition Associate at LinkAja. LinkAja is a digital payment service aiming to increase financial inclusion to the whole society which has 12 shareholders (10 of them are state-owned enterprises and 2 public decacorn companies).

Previously, I did my internship in OVO as a Talent Acquisition and back in 2018, I also did my internship in Gojek in the same role.

2) Can you describe what your typical workday looks like?

Handling end-to-end recruitment process such as CV screening, interviewing candidates, working together with the hiring managers regarding the recruitment process, and making sure chosen candidates can onboard smoothly. Other than that, I was also involved in the employer branding project.

3) What does personal growth mean to you?

A continuous process to be better than before, an infinite process of learning.

4) Is there a habit you consciously exercise to ensure you achieve your ideal personal growth?

Always ask for feedback from others. Asking what I can improve and what else I have to learn. As my leader once told me, "feedback is a gift".

5) What does it mean to grow in your career? How do you measure your career growth?

Where I can show the improvement in myself and take on a new challenge, especially when it is out of my comfort zone and where I can be trusted to handle bigger responsibilities.

6) Aside from your full-time job, is there anything else you like to do outside work?

Currently I am having a freelance job as a recruitment consultant at Activunt, a headhunter start-up owned by a friend of mine. I am really happy to have this opportunity as I can learn a lot and have a broader view in the HR-related area.

7) Are there any books, podcasts or apps that have been helpful for your growth?

Usually I use learning platforms such as Udemy and DuoLingo, and social media such as Tiktok and Youtube.

8) Any tips you’d like to share for those who are looking to venture into similar roles?

Dig deeper regarding the roles and the industry you are interested in. Ask questions to the experts and be proactive.

9) Finally, what is the one quote you always live by?

"Change is the end result of all true learning"


Looking for a job in Indonesia?

Stay tuned on LinkAja’s LinkedIn page. Poppy is also hiring at Activunt, go check the LinkedIn page.


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