Inside The Growth Room of Saikat Pyne, Communications Manager at a Leading Fintech Brand

Saikat Pyne is a Communications Manager at a leading fintech brand that operates in 50+ markets around the world. Previously a Corporate Communications Specialist at Paytm.

Saikat Pyne, Communications Manager at PayU

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1) To kickstart, could you share about your current role, what the company does and a bit about your career background?

I’m a Communications Manager at a leading fintech brand that operates in 50+ markets around the world.

Back in the early 2010s, I was among the first crop of startup correspondents in India as billions of VC dollars were flowing into the country for the first time. It was a truly exciting time to be a rookie ‘reporter’ - where else would you have first-gen tech entrepreneurs building billion dollar brands sitting down with a 21 year old to share their aspirations & business vision!

In 2016, I joined Paytm, a (relatively new) digital payments company as a Corporate Communications Specialist as it started making inroads into e-commerce, mobile-first banking, social gaming & financial services. The brand recently went on to have India’s largest IPO.

From December 2018 until 2021 end, I was a part of the strategic communications team at Times Internet, where my team of marketing & PR specialists advised CMOs, Communication Leads & Marketing Managers of Times Group’s 30+ portfolio brands on brand building and reputation management.

2) Can you describe what your typical workday looks like?

In my current role, my typical workday is heavily dependent on the nature of projects I’m working on, and every day brings with it a fresh challenge.

Over the past weeks, I’ve spent most of my time creating UX & PR content, eyeballing new UX concepts with my superiors and CXOs for a major launch, and working with content freelancers, designers & DevOps for the launch of our new blog.

3) What does personal growth mean to you?

Personal growth is about discovering the professional & personal skills that matter to you, and getting better at them over time. It's a bit like traveling, honestly.

Some are obsessed with itineraries, some love the thrill of getting lost and discovering new experiences. There’s no prescription, no manual, no method. It's still you, your life and your story.

Maybe you know what you want to do, maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re seeing where life takes you. Maybe you don’t want to do ‘this’, but you don’t know what you want to do. That’s all fine, work through it. Life is not a competition.

4) Is there a habit you consciously exercise to ensure you achieve your ideal personal growth?

I constantly try not to ‘be’, i.e. vegetate.

You see, the only way to do personal growth wrong is if you start to ‘be’. Then you don’t want to be anything else but that being who is ‘being’ at home or at work, ‘being’ all the time.

Why is it important for you to do what you ‘got to do’? Simple. Once you find what you should do, you’d live in regret you didn’t work towards finding it earlier. Sure, your stress levels are going to go up, and you’re supposed to fail, even if you do what you love. That’s how we all learn.

It’s when your mind sees you’ve arrived that it’ll say, “Fine, love that. I’ll let you be.” There’s a long way till you can ‘be’. Until then, this is where you belong - in the journey to becoming the Da Vinci masterpiece that you are.

Until then, don’t try to ‘want to be!’ That’s wannabe.

5) What does it mean to grow in your career? How do you measure your career growth?

I measure it in three simple ways - am I leaning into my curiosities with every passing year, am I taking on incremental responsibilities in the things I’m excited about, and am I feeling fulfilled about how this whole thing is coming through.

Each of these are deeply personal, and need some self-reflection. Some nice cappuccino, mood music and a pen & pad always helps.

6) Aside from your full-time job, is there anything else you like to do outside work?

I run three budding blogs that cover a pretty wide range of topics - the ‘Shy Sensationalist’ blog ( that discusses topics at the intersection of creativity, digital communication & media intelligence, the ‘Mello Musings’ blog ( gives you refreshing thoughts, stories and ideas on life and the quirky ‘Deal Dada’ blog ( is a great place for any Indian hunting for a bargain.

Besides my blogs, I have been spending most weekends locked in my study, working on the manuscript of my first book ‘<You Inc.>: Personal Branding For The Young & Restless’ that will (hopefully) inspire youngsters around the world to carve out an individual agenda with their work, and not just chase a paycheck.

7) Are there any books, podcasts or apps that have been helpful for your growth?

My all-time favorite books are Free To Focus, Four Thousand Weeks, Sapiens and Linchpin. My regular podcasts are Philosophy for our times, the Marketing Book podcast and 5 Minute Business Book Summaries. For newsletters, besides The Ken’s Nutgraf, I am on the mailing list of a bunch of marketers, technologists and creatives like Seth Godin, Dan Nelken & Naval Ravikant.

8) Any tips you’d like to share for those who are looking to venture into similar roles?

The internet has completely transformed how brands engage with customers & business partners. Hence, a creative bent of mind and a flair for writing no longer cuts it in marketing & PR. To excel, you’ll need to learn to effectively communicate with data, and constantly reach customers where they are in new & more innovative ways.

9) Finally, what is the one quote you always live by?

"You are a ghost, driving a meat-coated skeleton, made from stardust, riding a rock, hurtling through space. Fear nothing."


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